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Miciah Dodge - Philosophy


As a music teacher, Miciah believes his role is to guide students' passion and help them shape their skills into the kind of performer they wish to be.  Every student is unique, so every student requires a different approach; but with hard work, interesting material, and a mentor who carefully considers the path ahead, every student can become a master!  He believes it is his job to provide a fun, focused, appropriately challenging environment to help his students reach their greatest potential.


Miciah Dodge - About

Miciah Dodge took private lessons for seven years from the age of seven with a fantastic teacher, Jim Gass, who helped shape Miciah's own friendly, encouraging teaching style.  In college, he studied musical theater and enjoyed acting in many plays and performances.  Soon, he was offered a job as a Musical Director for a children's theater, and for many years thereafter, his career in that field soared - musically directing shows all over the Valley and teaching music and technique to hundreds of kids and some adults. During this time, Miciah also composed music for over ten full-length musicals, several of which were locally produced.  He also won several AriZoni Theatre Awards of Excellence for Musical Direction, Sound Design, and Musical Composition.

Eventually, Miciah moved to solely teaching piano and voice, discovering great joy and fulfillment from the success of his students. His 15+ years of teaching experience has allowed him to create a diverse, interesting, and fun curriculum that inspires students to become masters of their art. He also delights in helping his students grow as individuals, learning the discipline and skills for life that music lessons have to offer.

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