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 Piano, Voice, and Drama Lessons    

  Piano ~ $35 per 1/2 hour lesson     

Dodge Music Studios offers piano lessons from ages 5 to 95, at all ability levels.  From Classical to Jazz, Country to Rock, all genres and styles are taught.  We begin with a strong theoretical, technical, and artistic foundation, learning from the bottom-up, as with a strong foundation all outcomes are possible; then we move into music and exercises that appropriately fortify weak/trouble areas and reinforce strengths of the student.  Eventually, the student will be able to play anything they like, regardless of the genre, and are encouraged to follow their passion.

  Voice ~ $35 per 1/2 hour lesson  

Beginner and Intermediate vocal students will be taught the basic, fundamental keys to singing: proper breathing, relaxation of the throat and vocal muscles, and healthy projection.  Students can sing any variety of songs they like, be it pop, classical, musical theatre, etc., as the fundamentals will always be the same regardless of genre.  The focus of vocal lessons at Dodge Music Studios is--always--health and safety first (because singing incorrectly CAN hurt you), followed by vocal strength and flexibility, and finally, inflection and artistic performance.

  Drama ~ $35 per 1/2 hour lesson  

As an actor, Director, and Musical Director, Miciah has a wide range of experience and knowledge of theatrical pedagogy, and is happy to share his expertise with his drama students!  Whether students are considering auditioning and need help finding a monologue and/or audition song(s), need to tighten up an existing monologue or song, or simply want to have fun dabbling in scene-work, it all can be perfected at Dodge Music Studios! 

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