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I feel incredibly lucky to have found Dodge Music Studios when searching for a piano and voice teacher for my teenager.  The need was originally to ensure my son's keyboarding skills were up to snuff for college auditions.  We ended up having him study voice and piano with Dodge Music Studios, an hour a week.  In the year and a half since he started with lessons, he has improved exponentially, gained confidence, performed many times in public (including in Dodge Studio's Spring and Winter recital), built a repertoire, gotten many solos at school, joined a barbershop chorus, and he is definitely ready for college as a music major.  Miciah strikes the perfect tone with him, inspiring him, encouraging him, and making sure he practices.

The results in my case speak for themselves.  I cannot recommend Dodge Studios enough to anyone looking for music or voice instruction.

-Kenneth A.


Miciah Dodge has been instructing our boys in piano for about 7 years, since they were 6 and 8 years of age. Miciah's instructional style, choice of materials, and demeanor have been essential in helping our boys to remain enthusiastic about their lessons, and progress in their proficiency over the years.

Miciah obviously has a passion for music and loves what he does; and that cheerful exuberance comes through to the kids during every lesson.  Our two boys have nearly opposite personalities and learning styles, yet Miciah is such a talented, patient communicator that he is able to tailor his lessons for each child.  He truly listens and gets to know the child. 

At least two times per year, Miciah arranges recitals, which serve as important goals for the students to work towards.  The recital venues have varied from the Steinway showroom, to restaurants and cafes, to Glendale Glitters.  Because of Miciah, the kids have even had the honor of playing at the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM)!  Nonetheless, each event always provides a fun, encouraging environment to support the kids' best efforts.

Miciah Dodge is a true professional and a gifted teacher, and has become our valued friend.  His contribution to our children and our family cannot be overstated.

-Shelley W.

If you are looking for an amazing music teacher that builds rapport with his students.  Please call Miciah.  He has been teaching both of my daughters since they were in 2nd and 3rd grade and they are now going into 10th and 11th grade.  Miciah is more than just a piano teacher he is part of our family.  My daughters play the piano beautifully and they are now at the point that they can play no matter how much time goes by - make an investment in your child's future - kids who can read and play music excel in math and playing an instrument is the only time when one's brain is using ALL of it's parts.  Both my daughters are in and have always been in advanced placement for math.  I don't usually guarantee much, but this I can hands down:)



Wish there was a 6-star option for Miciah and Dodge Music Studios. Simply the best instructor, coach, mentor we could have asked for. Our daughter has spent MANY years under his effective and kind tutelage. She loves the piano, choir, guitar and accordion, and is now in advanced high school piano/guitar at an Arts school. His passion for performance is contagious.

-Bill F.


Mr. Dodge has been giving piano lessons to my 9-year old daughter for about 18 months now. He is extremely knowledgeable in the music industry and we are grateful to be recipients of his talent; my daughter receives quality weekly instruction from him. He is friendly, approachable, and willing to work with schedules. My daughter adores Mr. Dodge and his energetic way of teaching her. He's got quite the sense of humor, which fits nicely with my daughter's sarcasm and cheerful personality. He is incredibly patient as he teaches new skills and reviews past week's music. Mr. Dodge is encouraging and praiseworthy; it helps make my daughter feel successful and competent in her piano playing. We really are grateful we found Mr. Dodge here in Laveen. You can't get better than this amazing teacher.

-Steve F.


I am so thrilled to have Miciah as my piano teacher! Miciah's experience and skill as a musician shines through during our lessons, as do his teaching abilities. With ease, he is able to guide me to just the right practice pieces, and is able to quickly focus in on the lessons therein. He is patient, pleasant, and never makes me feel "on the spot" during my lesson....I make mistake after mistake and he takes it in stride and confidently guides me down the road to playing the piece accurately. I'm 100 percent comfortable during our lessons and always have a great time learning from him.


In terms of his own skills, it's amazing to watch him pick up a piece of music, mark it up with the fingering in just a few seconds, and then be able to know if I'm playing it properly just by listening to me. Then he can easily demonstrate every piece (with flair) so I can hear how it should ultimately sound. His thought process is organized and clear, which makes his communication style organized and clear, which makes learning easy.

As an adult learner (he teaches both adults and children), I'm probably more critical than a younger student, and I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every teaching moment with Michiah so far. I have always wanted to play the piano, and I'm thrilled to be making this dream come true.

-Kimberly S.


Miciah is an awesome instructor. He's been very encouraging and patient with my child.  His impressive musical background, knowledge, and excellent teaching skills makes him an ideal mentor to anyone starting in music.

-L N


Miciah Dodge has trained three of our children beginning nine years ago from ages as early as five years old until present.  We continue to use Dodge Music Studio and highly recommend him.  Even though a pro musician with an amazing rhythm and touch, he still has nearly infinite patience with youngsters.  If you are intermediate or advanced?  . . . still good.  Not that anyone could ever have a bad experience with music teachers, but Miciah is totally un-flighty and un-flakey.  Always in good communication.  Scheduling is consistent but flexible if you need to work out a conflict.  Everyone of any skill level can learn from Miciah Dodge at Dodge Music Studios.

-Chris T.

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