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Miciah Dodge - Professional Storyteller

Though new to audiobook narration, Miciah brings a wealth of talent and experience to his work.  For over twenty years Miciah has been immersed in the performing arts; from acting and directing, to singing and composing, to accompanying and conducting, he’s done it all.  By day he teaches piano, voice, and drama to private students ages five to ninety-five, but by night he’s a survivor, a creepy psycho, a spaceship captain, a loveable hero, and any other number of characters he is lucky enough to create!


Miciah was blessed enough to pair up with Christina Engela and Brandon Mullins of Moon Books Publishing for his first projects, and since then he’s loved every minute of it!  He enjoys most the opportunity to bring real, live people, places, and experiences out of the brilliantly written, black-and-white text on the page and into the world, breathing auditory life into each and every one of them.  Feeling the characters’ inner thoughts and giving them voice.  Translating to the listener the awesome, the terrifying, the heartwarming, the romantic; the sheer cornucopia of emotions, in as vibrant a way as possible!  And if he’s done his job, at the end of the day he will hopefully have captured exactly the idea the author was trying to evoke, and maybe even a little more.


Inside Miciah’s studio is a Audio Technica AT2020 condenser microphone, a PreSonus Audiobox USB 96 pre-amp, and a MacBook Air, along with appropriate room treatment and some nifty lighting!  He uses state-of-the-art softwares Studio One and Izotope’s RX 7 to record, edit, process and master his files.

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